Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I will be back soon..... stay tuned.

Stay tuned; I am and will be updating my blog and webiste pages.  Its been over a year and I need to get back to this blogging and writing thing.

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blog update

Im still here, my last blog was deleted, I will be updating content soon.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Mountain Biking at Raystown Lake

I had never been to Raystown Lake.  In April we went to the lake for family gathering.  While there we went out riding on the Allegrippis Trails.  These Trails were very well maintained and fun to ride.  The flow was smooth and had a pump track feel for many sections.  The ups and downs were not too intense, but you could get a little winded depending on how hard you are riding.  You could spend a day or more riding the trails.  Rent a Cabin locally, or stay in one of the many State or Private Camp Grounds in the area.  If you don't ride mountain bike then you can rent a boat, go fishing on the lake, take a hike; just take the time to get lost in the woods.  I would recommend taking the time to travel to Raystown Lake and take a ride on the trails, you will not regret the decision to ride.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mount Joy Pennsylvania

If you know me you know that I love to take photos.  I always have a camera in my pocket; the cell phone makes it very easy to snap a photo when something interest me.  This winter I took a series of photos of the town that I live in, Mount Joy Pennsylvania.  Some are unedited, and others are post possessed. Some hot summer evening I will walk around and take similar photos to see how the scenes have changed.

The Mount Joy Water towers,  1 million gallon tank and a 1.2 million gallon tank can be seen for miles around. 

The Mount Joy Amtrak station cuts through town.   There are plans to build a new station in the next year.

Spanglers Flour MIll sits just behind the post office in the center of town.

The new covered walkway from Public Parking behind St. Marks United Methodist Church to the Amtrak station

Mount Joy Post office

Jim Roberts West main Auto, they do good work here, both of our cars go here for oil changes and maintance

Mount Joy Church of God

Former Gerberich Paybe Shoe Factory

Looking west on Main Street Mount Joy

Again looking west on Main Street Mount Joy 24hrs later with a coating of snow.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

PSU Game with Karen

Karen and I went up to the PSU vs Purdue.  We had a great time, and love each year we go.  My father-in-law was there to with my Brother-in-law and some friends.   We were happy that they won.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blackburn ATC to Harpers Ferry Day 3

Today was a short 12mi into Harpers Ferry.  We woke up early with the plan to get into town by noon with plans to stop at the Appalachian Trail Headquarters and grab something to eat.
Like clock work Courtney was up and out of the tent and helped me get our food and heat up water for breakfast.  This would be our only trail meal of the day.  We packed well, after breakfast all we had were a few snack bars, and candy for the morning hike into Harper's Ferry.  We packed up or packs and headed up the hill to the trail.
The morning was cool and it was easy hiking along the trail.  One issue with being the first out on the trail is dealing with all of the spiderwebs that span across the trail.  We usually get our best miles in before lunch.  On longer trips we like to stop mid day for a long hot lunch.  You might be wondering why we heat a hot lunch and a cold dinner on the long summer days?  At the end of a 18mi day who feels like cooking on top of setting up camp?
The trail crossed out of Virgina and into West Virgina. Courtney likes to pose for pictures, she thought that this would be a good spot for posing.  We had some minor uphills to contend with, but before we knew it we were on our way down into town.
We made it into the outskirts of Harper's Ferry and headed to the Headquarters.  The kids were looking forward to getting two more state patches (PA, WV,). 
While at the ATC we got our picture taken.  All thru hikers and section hikers get their pictures taken if they are through Harper's Ferry on Foot.  Each year there is an album and these photos are uploaded online (you can search for any hiker, any year if they had their picture taken).  We got ours and headed into town to the Cannonball Deli for lunch.
The blue numbers are section hikers, and the red numbers are thru hikers.
Harper's Ferry is a really cool town.  We would recommend a visit. 

After lunch we headed back up the hill to the ATC, picked up our packs and walked to the Teahorse hostel to pick up our car.  What a great weekend to be out on the trail.  We look forward to our 11 days in July.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rod Hollow Shelter to Blackburn Appalachian Trail Center Day 2

We spent a comfortable night in our tents and woke up at 6am to get ourselves up and ready to get on the trail by 7am.  Its the quiet moment just before you wake up that you don't want to end.  It quickly came to an end when Courtney looked over at me and said, "Hi Dad."

Without saying anyting Courtney began the process of packing up her gear.  We got out of the tent and packed up the tent.  I decided to let Karen and Brandon have a few minutes more sleep.  It works out well to have Courtney and I together and Brandon in Karen together because we have similar sleep habits respectively.

While Karen and Brandon broke down their tent, Courtney and I collected our food bag that we had hung out in the woods.  We next lit up the stove for some hot water to use in our oatmeal and my coffee.  The three thru hikers who shared our spot were now up and packing up gear, one of them packed up quickly and was off on the trail with a plan of big miles this day.
We ate our breakfast and were off on the trail headed into the Roller Coaster.  This is a 14mi section of the Norther VA Appalachian trail that goes up and down all day long, just like a Roller Coaster its name sake.  They are not huge hills or long hills, its just that they go up and down all day long and it is very difficult to get into a consistent rhythm.
Our plan was to hike 18mi to Blackburn ATC center with a stop at Bears Den Hostel for lunch.  It was a cool day and a little wind was blowing.  Before long we entered the roller coaster, a sign welcomed us to the start of the section.  For the next few hours we continued north on the trail, crossing paths back and forth with other hikers heading north.  Before long we made it to the Bears Den Hostel for Lunch.
At the hostel we picked up some cokes (for hikers only, must know secret code), and spread out on a section of the lawn and ate our lunch  It was a nice mid day break.  Refueled with the food, we continued on our way to our destination, where on a clear day you can see the National Cathedral in Washington DC.
We knew that we would be getting to our destination later (530pm) so we decided to enter from the second entrance, that passed a camping site on the way down to the Blackburn ATC.  It was a busy weekend and we figured the lower sites would be crowded.  Once we set up our tents we loaded up my pack with our food and headed down to the picnic tables outside the Cabin. 

We met the care takers and some of the local ATC crew who were having a weekend gathering.  Thru hikers can pay some $$$ for a spaghetti dinner and pitch their tents near by.  Fresh water, and a solar shower are available for use.  We spoke for some time with the caretakers, the trail care taker and his wife (forgive me I forget their names, Pete I think).  After our dinner, we headed back up to our tents and turned in for the night.
It was a long day, but a nice day.  The kids have come so far in their ability to hike and handle the terrain and the miles of the day.  The people we met on the trail always are so friendly and are happy to talk to us and hear our story.  The AT is truly a community.